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What’s Your 2016 Content Marketing Game Plan?

Have you ever heard anyone in marketing say “I love the annual budgeting and planning process.”?  I certainly haven’t, and most marketers I know have a bit of dread and resignation in their voice when they talk fall planning.  We’re doing something at Systym to help make the process easier and create your best content […]

Marketing Big Shots – Interview – Ross Crooks

  Ross Crooks, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer for Visage shares what they’re doing with their new content creation tool and his wider view of content marketing trends.  Good conversation, thanks Ross for spending a few minutes.  Full transcript of the conversation is below. Chris:              I’m here with Ross Brooks.   Ross, what’s your title with […]

Content Studio or Content Factory?

Are you a studio or a factory?  A movie studio is focused on story, narrative and answering questions like; does the story work? Are the characters engaging?  Does the film deliver the overall experience and “feel” the Director has in his or her mind?  The underlying driver, and priority is around story.  Transformer movies excepted. […]

Marketing Automation and Content Strategy Research

We’re excited to release the results of our research from the Fall on the intersection of marketing automation and content strategy.  There’s no shortage of content and material on each of these topics individually,  we wanted to explore specifically how marketers were thinking about the integration of marketing automation technology and the challenges of content […]

Marketers On Marketing Videos

We just completed the first of our new Systym Sessions video series and have posted the clips to systym.co/videos.  A great conversation with Jake Larsen from Video Power Marketing, Sunny Hunt from Hunt Interaction, Shawn Butler from Leadgenix, David Blain from Saxton Horne and Susen Sawatzki from adnews.  Thanks to everyone for sharing your insights […]