What’s Your 2016 Content Marketing Game Plan?

Have you ever heard anyone in marketing say “I love the annual budgeting and planning process.”?  I certainly haven’t, and most marketers I know have a bit of dread and resignation in their voice when they talk fall planning.  We’re doing something at Systym to help make the process easier and create your best content marketing plan ever.

We’ve developed Systym GAME PLAN.  GAME PLAN is a complete 2016 messaging and content strategy engagement featuring detailed, persona-specific messaging and an integrated, customer-centric tactical content plan.  A couple highlights of Systym GAME PLAN:

Nail your message – Even the most brilliant tactics won’t work as well without clear, relevant messaging.  We’ll make sure you get your message right.

An objective view – The planning process is often a political minefield, while we can’t change that, we can provide an independent, expert perspective our clients have shared is extremely helpful navigating those internal challenges.

No tactical tail wagging the strategic dog – People fall in love with tactics, channels and programs which can lead to less effective content decisions.  Our approach assures your story is clear and we find the right medium for your messages.

It’s powerful – You’ll receive a plan you’ll be proud to share far and wide within your organization that will provide a clear, pragmatic view of what to do in 2016.

This is our thing – Messaging design and content planning is our CORE business, not an aside.  We’re experts.

You can learn more about Systym GAME PLAN here or contact us and we an talk through your specific needs.  We’d love to help you get through this planning season with flying colors.


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