• Optimize your marketing automation

  • Develop integrated marketing technology strategy

  • support for marketing technology vendor selection

  • connect marketing needs to marketing technologies


The good news is you are right smack in the middle of one of the most exciting, volatile and frenetic spaces in all of business, the wild, wild west of marketing technology.  The bad news is you probably have objectives tied to deciphering some portion of the whole tangled mess and actually hitting some business objectives associated with marketing technology.

Systym soaks in this marketing technology stuff all day, every day.  We see and experience the many challenges marketers face around marketing technology.  There are the cultural/contextual issues; unpredictable relationships with IT, legacy systems not designed to integrate with many modern technologies, being unwittingly pulled into larger organizational technology decisions.  There are also the daily challenges of inadequate technology skills, communicating technology issues to the less technologically aware and a long list of other issues.

Systym can help you and your team communicate more effectively with others and make intelligent, principle-driven decisions around marketing technology.  Whether it’s understanding how to extract more value from your marketing automation solution, exploring technologies to fill marketing gaps or connecting technology mechanics to the messaging structures, Systym can help.

You’re not alone, we love this stuff as much as you do.  Learn more about marketing experience design or contact us about your marketing technology challenge.